Torngat Diaries – Episode 24

The Lake

Try to close your eyes and visualize yourself on a landscape that never ends, climbing, feeling the sweat getting colder because of the breeze. You aren't feeling cold, you are concentrated and in your mind there is nothing else that the sound of your steps, the power of your legs is there, stronger and stronger every second. The sun makes the sky blue like never before, and the hike is simply a pleasure that makes everything else disappear.

We are trying to reach the top of a mountain to have some shots of the landscape from a higher view point. While climbing I see rocks rolling down and let's say that we didn't get the safest path, but it's okay, we have a lot of energy and all the food delivered is simply giving us the rush to reach our next point, stop, set up the cameras for some time lapse and feast like never before! The problem with "going up" is that obviously there will be less water, and the idea of having to come all the way down for every single refill for cooking, tea or drinking. Though we’re on a hike, when you stop, you really want to relax and so you find a rock that is the closest thing to a couch, take off your shoes, get out some food…and the idea of having to put your shoes back on and go all the way down a cliff for some water?!

Every now and then, there are unusual, unexpected surprises! After our last push, looking  at the landscape, we spot a lot of water—and I mean a lot of water—suddenly the hunger goes away and a wicked thought comes up strong. I grab all my stuff and I pull up my tent fast like the wind and rush to the lake. I just have my boxers on and I really don't care about anything else. Camera is sitting atop tripod, clicking away at preset intervals, capturing moments of time just to document how the light and the sky move over the land, slithering across the mountains and the tundra, even when you can’t see it. 

And I’m thinking, why not take a little dip? The water is cold, but it’s been about almost six days since I’ve showered and it feels fantastic against my skin.

Dec. 7, 2012, 9:56 a.m.