Floating Away

The mighty nature of Newfoundland.

The fog slowly comes toward us while preparing the kayak to leave the dock. The air is warm and we are busy unpacking and getting ready. All the photo equipment has to be safe from any contact with the salt water. This morning the coffee didn’t help much. The big clouds seem like they don’t have enough energy to fly, and so they travel lazily on the surface of the lake. The sun won’t make it through this thick grey fog, but we are ready to go.

The kayak goes smoothly through Cape Broyle, letting us discover caves, waterfalls and wildlife like I’ve never seen before. While my team members are shooting a video, I’m staring at an eagle on the rock above them. Suddenly, the eagle’s wings spread and with a little bounce this amazing bird of prey glides away. 

The rocks and the trees are stunning, and the calm water gives us a chance to slowly float by a landscape that is impossible to describe.

Aug. 11, 2012, 12:06 a.m.