Paddling to Humour!

Kayaking with Stan Cook Adventures.

A thick fog rolled into Cape Broyle, giving the sleepy fjord a mysterious feeling. A few kids frolicked by weather worn fishing boats, they eye our bright kayaks furtively. "Hey kids, no playing near the wharf without an adul." bellowed a happy and energetic voice from behind me. It was Stan Jr., the son of the founder of Stan Cook Adventures, who began taking tourists out to dip their paddles in the clear fjord of Cape Broyle in 1970. He was to be our guide, and boy was he jovial and informative! We eyed majestic bald eagles and their chicks, puffins flew by, a seal kept us company and we even explored caves. But nothing could compare to Stan Jr. and Sr.'s friendly banter and interesting stories that made us smile and enjoy our outing. People in Newfoundland must have been born smiling, because everyone is in the best of spirits!

Aug. 11, 2012, 6:08 a.m.