Onward Battle Harbour

Battle Harbour one of Canada's most historic fishing hubs...

After driving for hours on gravel road we finally made it to Mary's Harbour where we met a photographer named...you guessed it, Mary!

We made it on time to the board the quaint boat that ferried us along to Battle Harbour. A special place on Labrador's luscious coastline, where noted polar explorer Robert Peary, who claimed to have reached the geographic North Pole in 1909, announced that he had done so.

In fact, it was here that Peary called his infamous press conference to make his announcement to the world by accessing Battle Harbour's Marconi Station wireless services.

Our introduction to this wonderful and historic town came via a local, who offered us his very own freshly caught cod. And by having dinner at a long table with everyone who was coming on the boat over.

We're told that in the waters near here, where the Labrador Current and the Gulf Stream meet, there is an abundance of plankton for feeding and that it attracts several species of baleen whales during the summer season. 

Apparently, Humpbacks frolic in the waters near Battle Harbour from June right up until the end of September, but we're also told that Belugas, Minkes, Seis and pods of Orcas are also visitors! 

Now to bed in our rustic island home where there is no Internet. But we're always inReach, thanks to the folks at Roadpost who keep us connected. 

Check out Battle Harbour.

Aug. 28, 2012, 5:43 p.m.