Fishing with Louise

First Female Fisherwoman!

If you ever decide to visit Newfoundland, you have to come visit Louise Decker, a wonderful woman full of information on the old fishing ways of Newfoundlanders.



Louise told us she is the first female fisherwoman in the Lobster Cove area. Apparently, it was once considered bad luck to have females on the boat—but Louise wouldn’t take no for an answer, and convinced her husband that she was sea worthy.




She led a hard but gratifying life with her husband and family for years—today, she works as an interpreter for Parks Canada at the Broom Point Heritage Site. Her charm and friendly personality is something that I’ve noticed from so many people for the past few days.


Just that quality alone is worth the trip to Newfoundland.

Sept. 9, 2012, 5:48 p.m.