Searching for Whales—Finding Friends

This is Newfoundland

Back to the Zodiac: a shy sun was looking down at us on a warm morning while the Atlantic Ocean lay sleepy under our boat. Our mission was to capture some amazing shots of whales  With us on our Zodiac were two women from Germany who had travelled from across the pond, so to speak, to see what Newfoundland, The Rock, had to offer. Well, they found what we found!

Steep, dramatic cliffs; waves crashing along coastal shores; rugged rocky flatlands and boreal bogs; skies so clear at the northern tip of Newfoundland that every detail seems as if its been put sharply in focus.

Since we started our Torngat Adventure in early August, I have discovered just how much this land is connected to the ocean, and how much the ocean and the land connect the people together. Just like I now felt to my two new friends.

No whales were spotted that day—this is nature, unpredictable and on her own schedule—but three people did become new friends. This is Newfoundland.

Sept. 11, 2012, 6:20 p.m.