Unexpected Inspiration

Walking out full of inspiration

We arrived in King's Head late in the morning, King’s Head is a small community nestled on the shores of beautiful Green Bay in northeastern Newfoundland. We were here to visit King's Point Pottery, a small pottery gallery, store and workshop. After pulling up, we walked in and were greeted by Linda Yates, who gave us a very informative tour. Linda and her husband, David Hayashida, have been inspired by this place for years, and by looking around you can tell they've been very busy!

Every shelf contains beautiful handcrafted works made by Linda, David and many other Maritime province artisans. King's Point Pottery is a place where you can buy that unique earthenware art piece to bring back home—beautiful stuff! David brings his Japanese style into the designs and techniques. One of these techniques utilizes seawater, which yields incredible results. If you’re ever in this neighbourhood, come visit—I can guarantee you’ll be walking out full of inspiration, and maybe a wonderful piece of art.

Sept. 17, 2012, 9:41 a.m.