Kuururjuaq Adventure Directory

The official reference for information on Nunavik – Quebec’s Far North
1-855-NUNAVIK | Email
Official travel agency of Nunavik
1-800-463-7610 | Email

Rafting, kayaking, white water rafting
1-800-567-6881 | Email
Wildlife, marine mammal and flora observation and photography, hiking and other customized excursions with accommodation in cabins on the shore of the Koroc River
514-255-0078 | Email
Expedition cruises to Akpatok Island, as well as customized adventure cruises and charters in the Ungava Bay
450-622-9956 | Email
Wildlife observation and photography, northern lights watching, snowmobiling and snowshoeing, customized snorkeling, diving and kayaking, whale watching adventures
1-888-737-6818 | Email
Customized excursions, wildlife and flora observation, sea kayaking, hiking, petroglyph expeditions, snowmobiling, dog sledding and cultural demonstrations
819-338-1270 | Email
Expedition cruises, zodiac expeditions, wildlife observing, hiking, cultural demonstrations
1-855-527-2842 | Email
Discovery tours, wildlife observation, hiking, sea kayaking, snowmobiling and cultural activities
418-692-0937 | Email
Customized excursions, wildlife observation, hiking and rafting
1-800-662-6404 | Email
Excursions, photo safaris, customized adventures, snowmobiling, dog sledding, igloo building, wildlife observation, sea kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking and cultural demonstrations
1-855-657-3319 | Email
Customized excursions, snowmobiling, dog sledding, wildlife observation, kayaking and rafting
617-253-6865 | Email
Snowkiting and customized expeditions
450-258-3604 | Email
Arctic survival training, igloo building, first aid and diving courses, customized excursions, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice diving, canoeing, sea kayaking, wildlife observation and cultural demonstrations
819-988-2078 | Email
National Park
819-338-3282 | Email
National Park
819-337-5454 | Email
Seaplane air safaris, wildlife observation, hiking, trekking and kayak expeditions
418-949-2549 | Email