What is opXpedtions Kuururjuaq?

Put simply, it is a digital extension of what we are all about: exceptional storytelling.

opXpeditions Kuururjuaq takes this idea to the next level.

This website is a compilation of every part of our journey through Kuururjuaq in the northern Quebec region of Nunavik.

As a collection of interactive, informative and inspiring content, opXpeditions Kuururjuaq exists to tell you the story, show you the region, and provide you with the information you need to experience it for yourself.

Exploring this page, from the very beginning, will allow you to experience our time in Kuururjuaq like you were on expedition with us, as we trekked and paddled the mighty Koroc region.

With a gallery of over 100 photos, an information directory of outfitters, guides and resources in the Nunavik area, a collection of daily dispatches from our team in the field, and captivating stories, every element of this page has something for you to discover.

Explore it from the beginning—and experience it like you were there with us.