opXpeditions Malaysia Introduction

In November 2013, Outpost Magazine sent a team to travel across Malaysia and share their collected experiences right here on opXpeditions Malaysia.


From vibrant Kuala Lumpur to the famed Seplilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center to trekking the incredible Maliau Basin, opXpeditions Malaysia is your gateway to some of the best experiences the country has on offer.


Follow our elite opXpeditions team as they discover the hidden wonders and legendary diversity of Malaysia in real time—read the team's daily dispatches to follow the entire experience from start to finish and see our adventure unfold through our photo and video uploads.


Join us at opXpeditions Malaysia—come travel along!


Team Outpost Malaysia


Team Outpost Malaysia (left to right): Robert Brody, Colin O’ Connor, Sophie Kohn, Andrew Sheppard

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