Sarawak Cultural Village

Well, it’s time to experience Malaysian culture first hand, in the best way possible: total immersion.

Nestled among the foothills of Mount Santubong, only 35 km away the region’s capital city of Kuching, is the Sarawak Cultural Village, a self proclaimed living museum that showcases the multi-ethnic cultures and traditions of Sarawak region amidst 14 acres of tropical vegetation.

From exploring the traditional longhouse homes, bamboo instruments and carvings of the Bidayuh people, to the traditional tall houses, mystical legends and intriguing food traditions of the Melanau people, each culture on display (over 8 different Malaysian cultures!) will imbue you with a sense of awe and appreciation at Malaysia’s diversity.

And everywhere around the Sarawak Cultural Village are the unique arts and crafts of each culture: Kain Songket (Malay cloth with gold inlay), Pua Kumbu (Iban textiles), Melanau Terendak (sunhat), Bidayuh tambok (basket), Iban parang (swords), Orang Ulu wood carving and Chinese ceramics, for example are all on display.

There are also daily cultural performance of songs, dances and entertainment that you will not want to miss.

For more information on this incredible cultural experience head over to the Sarawak Cultural Village website.

Photo by Ben Sutherland