What’s a Genting Sky Way?

Located just 51 kilometres north west of Kuala Lumpur, in the Genting Highlands, is Malaysia’s Genting Skyway, a suspended gondola lift that elevates riders 900 metres into the clouds above a lush, picturesque jungle canopy and sprawling hillside etched with man made animal carvings.

Even if you’ve never dreamt of floating above the jungle canopy there is no reason to not give it a try.

The Genting Skyway carries riders across a 3.38-kilometre cable section that runs at a smooth elevation along Southeast Asia’s longest, and the world’s fastest mono cable car system. Travelling at around 22km an hour the Genting Skyway gently lifts you away from your starting point in Gohtong Jaya, a small town in the Genting Highlands towards Resorts World Genting, an enormous resort that contains hotels, restaurants, temples, a casino and theme parks.

Tickets for a two-way ride on the skyway cost approx 12 Malasyain Ringgit’s or 4 Canadian Dollars and the trip and takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on weather.

Total length of the memory you will have of this experience will likely be much longer.

Photo by Prateek Bahadur