Polar Bear Encounter

Team opXpeditions Nunavut encounters a huge Polar Bear on Baffin Island during the last few days of the Nunavut expedition.

Trekking Auyuittuq National Park of Canada

opXpeditions continues trekking across Auyuittuq National Park in Nunavut Canada.

Auyuittuq National Park of Canada

opXpeditions Nunavut starts the first leg of their trek across Auyuittuq National Park in Nunavut Canada.

Pangnirtung and Polar Bears

opXpeditions Nunavut arrives in Pangnirtung and gets briefed on Polar Bears and trekking across Auyuittuq National Park.

Spell of the North

It has been almost four months now since my encounter with Nunavut, yet I am still wholly under its spell.

Nunavut National Parks: Auyuittuq National Park

Immense glaciers and drifting polar sea ice form a surreal contrast to the ancient granite mountains of Auyuittuq National Park. Located on the southern portion of Baffin Island, the park is home to one of the highest peaks of the Canadian Shield, known as the Penny Ice Cap, as well as numerous marine shorelines, coastal fjords and towering mountains.

Nunavut National Parks: Quttinirpaaq National Park

Located on the northeastern corner of Ellesmere Island in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, the most northerly extent of Canada, Quttinirpaaq National Park is the second most northerly park on Earth after Northeast Greenland National Park.

Nunavut National Parks: Sirmilik National Park

Located on the northern tip of Baffin Island near Lancaster Sound, Sirmilik National Park is unique among Nunavut National Parks as it protects an expansive and ecologically significant portion of Eastern Arctic Lowlands and Northern Davis natural regions.

Nunavut National Parks: Ukkusiksalik National Park

Nunavut National Parks are world renowned for their majestic and untouched natural beauty.

Lake Hazen in Quttinirpaaq National Park of Canada

Lake Hazen is one of the northernmost lakes of Canada, and it is the largest lake above the Arctic Circle.


Auyuittuq Lodge, Arctic Char and Arctic Safari

Wilderness lodges offer you the opportunity to experience the rugged Nunavut landscape while enjoying the comforts of lodge accommodations. 

Inspiration Everywhere

Nunavut is a land synonymous with inspiration. It is so easy to feel an overwhelming sense of awe while gazing off into the sprawling untouched landscapes and endless arctic sea. 

Camping Nunavut

Camping, what more quintessentially Canadian experience is there?


Dog Sledding Nunavut

Imagine racing across the vast and beautiful arctic tundra, chasing spectacular blue skies and an endless horizon aboard a dogsled.

What to Do in Breathtaking Nunavut

Akshayuk Pass is the most popular skiing and hiking destination in the park. It is a 97 kilometre natural corridor between mountains and ice that will immerse you in what this landscape has to offer. There are nine emergency shelters spaced about one day’s travel apart. You won’t find any campgrounds or services in the park except for outhouses located near the shelters. Despite there being no defined trail to follow, the pass follows a glacial valley and significant landmarks. The striking views of Overlord, Odin, Thor and Asgard peaks will guide you through this spectacular landscape.

Hiking Nunavut

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore Nunavut’s breathtaking natural landscapes. While travelling by foot you can control the speed of your explorations, ensuring ample time for you to take photographs and absorb the unbelievable beauty of Nunavut.

Safari...Nunavut Style

I spied something swimming across Andrew Gordon Bay. At first I assumed it was a seal as bearded and ringed seals were often sighted, but then a flash of white trailing the black head caught my eye. I grabbed my camera and peered through the lens: polar bear!

Ready to Run?

While the Inuit are recognized as the first users of the dog sled, the Arctic Circle Paws & Paddles Outfitter and Bed & Breakfast is the only place left in Repulse Bay to find a dog sled team.

The Art and Beauty of Inuit Culture

We jump into AA’s (Arnaujuq, our guide) dusty jeep and ride through town to our first stop of the day, The Matchbox Gallery