Camping Nunavut

There’s nothing quite like heading out to a campsite with friends and family, finding an exceptional spot, setting up your miniature community and then hunkering down for some amazing food, conversation and atmosphere.

Now imagine how incredible it would be to camp amid the vast and epic arctic tundra, surrounded by nature in its most unspoiled form.

Sounds pretty incredible doesn’t it? We definitely thought so.

During our recent opXpedition to Nunavut Outpost Magazine was able to survey and experience some spectacular regions and camping opportunities. Whether you long to be surrounded by towering mountains, endless tundra, or majestic sea, Nunavut has a camping location to satisfy you. Not to mention that camping in Nunavut is certain to provide you with a view of the stars that you will never forget.

Check out the Nunavut Tourism page for a full list of camping regions, tips and outfitters.

And trust us, if you love to camp, Nunavut will give you a camping experience unmatched anywhere else on earth.