Dog Sledding Nunavut

The exhilaration of travelling with a pack of powerful, cohesive and determined dogs that live to run across this expansive landscape is an unmatchable experience.

Out here, there is no form of transportation more intertwined with arctic history and culture than the dogsled.

The thrill of dog sledding is undeniable, just ask anyone who has experienced it. But dog sledding is also one of the truest ways to experience the raw beauty of the arctic. And while snowmobiles have replaced the dogsled as the basic means of transportation, dog sledding and the reverence of sled dogs is still an integral part of life in the north, and nearly every community in Nunavut offers the opportunity to experience dog sledding.

On our recent opXpeditions Nunavut expedition, David Spadavecchia and Jaclyn Truss experienced dog sledding with William Kennedy from Arctic Circle Paws and Paddles who offer professionally guided dog sled tours, on the land and sea ice, using traditional Inuit-style kamotik sleds.

You can read about David and Jaclyn’s dog sledding experience, and if you are interested in having a Nunavut dog sledding experience for yourself you should check out Arctic Circle Paws and Paddles. Trust us, it is an experience you will never forget.

Photo by Sonny Side Up!