Inspiration Everywhere

This land imbues one with a sense of fascination and reverence and has a clear influence in the expressions of its inhabitants.

No wonder Nunavut has more artists per capita than any other place in the world. In fact, you are almost certain to stumble across someone working on an art piece during your travels through Nunavut.

From intricate carvings to colourful print and clothing pieces, the landscapes, cultural mythologies and majestic wildlife forms the basis of a landscape that can’t help but inspire one to create art.

On our latest opXpeidtion to Nunavut, team outpost has the opportunity to explore galleries and artwork the likes of which we have never seen before. From the meticulous detail of a polar bear sculpture with thousands of individual cuts to give the piece a texture of hair, to the colourful and vibrant prints depicting inuit myths and legends, to the balanced utility and beauty of Inuit parkas (called Anoraks), there is an almost endless variety of art for you to enjoy.

Visiting Nunavut will offer you insights into the motivation for many of these pieces. Check out Nunavut Tourism’s interactive map for a full list of the Arts and Culture opportunities in Nunavut.