Ready to Run?

Bill and Carol Kennedy’s dogs are a sight to behold: a gorgeous team of nine, paired by temperament, characteristics and their compatibility with each other. You would be scarce to find a more enthusiastic team.

Whether they are pulling a traditional sled over the hard packed snow of the tundra and cruising down frozen rivers with enormous rockcliffs looming overhead, or hauling an ATV through the hills to the lake for a quick dip to cool their paws in summer, these dogs live to run.

The kennel is located just out back of the B&B—all you have to do is go out back and say “Ready to run?,” and the cacophony of barking begins, levelled only by the sweet expectant singing of the Malamutes.

The dogs quiet momentarily as they are harnessed, one by one, and placed into their position in the line, before they rile up again. Bill shows David how to straddle them to get the harness on and hook them to the line, then David does the rest.

You can see the sheer delight in the dogs as they ready themselves to work. As they speed off into a dust trail of singleminded purpose, winding their way around well known curves, it’s no mystery why the dogs feel they have it made—this unique experience is the alpha dog of adrenaline rushes!

Fun Fact: Bill says that his dogs run best at -30 degrees Celsius—anything warmer and they get too hot!

Text by Jaclyn Truss Photo by David Spadavecchia.