Spell of the North

Memories flow almost constantly through my mind of the experiences.

ATV Nunavut

ATVing across the endless Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park.

Nunavut Park Trekking

Trekking for days among the bold, rugged and ancient Auyuittuq landscape.

Nunavut Iceberg

Racing across a glasslike arctic sea among giant icebergs and a sky the likes of which I could never have imagined in my wildest of fantasies.

People of Nunavut

And the people—warm, inviting, and all equally under the spell of the north.

This land has left an undeniable mark on me and a sense of wonder swirls constantly among my memories of Nunavut. I smile each time I think back. It is so easy to loose myself among these memories.

To anyone who may be considering a trip to Nunavut, I say go—no obstacle is worth denying you this experience. The arctic will remind you of nature’s supreme position in the grand scheme, the arctic will fill you with a sense of awe as you glimpse back into a time where the earth was still young. In short, the arctic will change you—and the memories you have of this land will be something to cherish for your entire life.

So go.

Text and Photos by Daniel Puiatti