What to Do in Breathtaking Nunavut


There is nothing like the stillness of Auyuittuq in the spring. Leaving behind the rock falls and rushing waters of summer, skiing offers unparalleled freedom of movement to explore and experience.


Ski travel in Akshayuk Pass is usually best accomplished along the Weasel River and Owl River valleys. Metal edged skis with skins, snowshoes or boots with attachable crampons are recommended. The Akshayuk Pass traverse can normally be accomplished in seven to 10 days, not including transportation to the park. Keep in mind that weather may delay travel for one or more days.


Although your skis can take you to many peaks and glaciers, most actual ascents will require technical climbing skills and equipment.


Hiking, Snowmobile and Boat Tours

If you only have a day or two to see Auyuittuq, there are many possibilities. How about a boat tour from Qikiqtarjuaq through towering fiords for a peek at glaciers and mountains? Maybe a snowmobile or hiking trip to the Arctic Circle from Pangnirtung? Hiking, skiing and outfitter-guided boat or snowmobile tours are options from both communities. Contact our office or an outfitter directly to discuss what trip would be best for you.



Akshayuk Pass is the park’s prime summer hiking destination. A traverse through the pass will usually take eight to 12 days or you can do shorter trips of four to six days from Overlord to Glacier Lake or Summit Lake and back. There are no maintained trails in the park. Always plan extra time for travel in the park and a couple of extra days in the communities, particularly as weather and river crossings can affect your schedule any time in the season.


Photo by Peter Morgan