Destination Labrador

Labrador Adventures

1. Torngat Mountains National Park Base Camp

The Torngat Mountains Base Camp & Research Station is the ideal place from which to explore the Torngat Mountains National Park – an important Inuit homeland. Designed to create an intimate experience with the land, the Base Camp also contains excellent amenities to make your stay comfortable. Enjoy a warm meal and a good rest to prepare you for each day's new adventure. Inuit cultural experiences, fjords, mountains and river valleys found within this park offer visitors life altering experiences. Hike, backpack, mountain climb, take a motorboat along the coast and in the fjords, nature watch and explore the cultural heritage of the area.

2. Labrador Pioneer Footpath, Labrador Straits

The Labrador Pioneer Footpath takes you on a hiking adventure following traditional walking routes along the shores of the Labrador Straits. These footpaths were once the only link by land to each community. Visit historic sites as well as experience the natural wonders of the area. The footpath, which is located near the shore, provides magnificent scenic views and lookouts for whales and icebergs. Trailheads located at scenic locations near communities serve as entry points to the walking trail. Interpretive panels highlight the natural and cultural history of the region.

3. Birch Brook Trails, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Hike through four subtypes of boreal forest and mature birches to lookouts offering panoramic views of Lake Melville and the Mealy Mountains. There are 30 kms of groomed trails available for hiking, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing. Cross country ski/snowshoe rentals, maps, ski instructions are also available along with being able to enjoy the comforts of a beautiful, rustic, log style chalet. Backcountry huts are available for overnight trips during the winter months.

4. Iceberg Viewing in St. Lewis

Join in a search for frolicking whales and majestic icebergs in the St. Lewis Sound. Take a boat tour to charming historical and geographical places such as an abandoned fishing village. Or, take a boat tour to some fascinating places such as Battle Harbour and Cape Charles, as you explore the history, geography and culture of St. Lewis Sound. Come ashore and enjoy a hike and a “mug-up” in an abandoned fishing village.

5. Red Bay National Historic Site, Red Bay

Right and bowhead whales, once plentiful in the waters of coastal Labrador, attracted whalers from the Basque region (northern Spain and southern France) during the 16th century. A thriving industry based on the production of whale oil for export to Europe was developed along the Labrador coast during the mid to late 1500s. Red Bay National Historic Site offers a unique experience to visitors as they step back to a time of physically back breaking work. View the remains of a century whaling boat, make your way through display after display of artifacts, take a ride to Saddle Island where you can walk where the Basque once worked and lived.

6. Point Amour Lighthouse, L’Anse Amour

The Point Amour Lighthouse stands tall amid limestone cliffs near the small, historically significant community of L'Anse Amour, on the south coast of Labrador. Towering at 109 feet, it is the tallest in Atlantic Canada and second highest in the country. A panoramic view of the surrounding land and sea, and a glimpse of its historical attributes can be witnessed during the 128 step adventure to the top. Enjoy tales of shipwrecks, coastal hikes, wildflowers, fossils, and visit the oldest burial mound in North America. Get your hiking shoes on and your camera ready.

7. Birches Gallery, Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The Birches Gallery is located in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, and is exclusively dedicated to the sale of Labrador art and high-end crafts. Open since 1994, the gallery features artists from across the Labrador region, many of whom are Inuit, Innu and Metis artisans working in traditional media such as soapstone, serpentine, labradorite, antler and whalebone. Arrive here and you are at the source ... meet a carver and take away pictures, memories or a sculpture from some of the earth's oldest rocks. Come enjoy some wonderful Labrador hospitality in this spacious home/gallery.

8. Salmon fishing on the Eagle River

Originating in the wilderness highland lakes of Labrador's Mealy Mountains, the Eagle River flows into Sandwich Bay and is considered one of the greatest Salmon producing rivers in North America. The laws of natural selection have evolved a strain of exceptionally strong salmon considered by many well-traveled anglers to be the hardest fighting Atlantic salmon in the world. Anglers can choose from a wide assortment of outfitters that will ensure a first class experience and memories that will last a life-time.

9. Kayaking the Wonderstrands, Cartwright

Located on the doorstep of the Wonderstrand, a 54km sandy beach, and the Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve near Cartwright, Labrador, Experience Labrador offers a range of kayaking, boating, and hiking tours for all levels of outdoor expertise. Overnight excursions, guided and unguided, on the Wonderstrand and outlying Islands of Sandwich Bay will enhance your cultural and learning vacation. Visit rock houses, old fishing stations, active archaeological sites, and the Wonderstrand.

10. Battle Harbour National Historic District

Situated on a small, near-shore island, Battle Harbour was, for two centuries, the economic and social centre of the southeastern Labrador coast. Mercantile saltfish premises first established there in the 1770s developed into a thriving community that was known as the "Capital of Labrador". Eclipsed in recent decades by changing economies and settlement patterns, the former glory of Battle Harbour has now been revived. Visit overnight or for a day, let the sounds of the ocean and the peace and quiet of this resettled community sooth your soul and dreams.