Episode 14 – Possibly the Purest Water

My body can feel the challenge coming up, and the excitement is almost too much. We’ve landed here on the Big Land—the great big land!—and the sky is crystal clear above us. The valley in front is covered with a soft grass, and our hike starts at elev: -7 m Lat: 58.858823/Lon: -63.295025. Not really rushing it, just keeping a steady pace, as we walk through the valley. The mountains appear to move slowly and the landscape offers a depth like never before. Nothing to block the horizon, your line of vision, the infinite skies, and the valleys and mountains striated by brooks and streams.

The heat and the sweat start to bring up a thirst that needs to be calmed—and the only thing we didn’t pack was water. At our first stop we refill our bottles with the water that is trickling down the mountain, a little stream with fresh water. At first it’s hard to accept that we can actually drink water that is not filtered, boiled or chemically treated. I ask Eli if I should (boil or treat it!), but he replies that the most pure water in the world is right here in Torngat Mountains National Park. And while talking he unscrews his water bottle, bends down and lets the water flow in, then puts it to his lips and swigs away.

My own thirst is too much to wait any longer, so I copy all his movements and without thinking too much bring the bottle to my mouth. Fresh and pure tasting…and all the water you will likely need for a Torngat trek, readily available on the tundra. No need for extra weight carrying filters, or to bring chemicals for purify the water. The little break gives me all my energy back, and I’m ready to wrestle with my backpack as our journey continues.