Argentia: Our Newfoundland Adventure Begins

Outpost’s Torngat Mountains Expedition officially kicks off in Argentia, Newfoundland. Upon landing in Argentia, Team Outpost will take a relaxing drive to St. John’s (about 1 and a half hours from Argentia), unload their gear and take the in sights and sounds of The Rock’s capital city.

Our buddy Stan Cook from Stan Cook Sea Kayak Adventures is our next stop, down in Cape Broyle, where we will explore the coastline by sea kayak. To mix things up along the coast, we may even hit the East Coast Trail for another view of the coastline.

The Baccalieu Island Eco Reserve is also in our sights. Rick Stanley will guide our team across the bay to one of the top birding regions in Newfoundland. If our team is lucky enough, there may even be an opportunity to snorkel with whales.

After our fun on the east coast of Newfoundland, Team Outpost will motor over 600 kilometres to Deer Lake, and then head to Port au Chiox. From there, Team Outpost hitches a ferry to Labrador, where more adventures await!

It all starts here, in Argentia,.