Episode 5: The Torngat Diaries

If you are following my story, you have to think of it like an action-adventure movie, because this is certainly how it felt.

We start unloading our gear from Air Labrador’s Twin Otter, and reload it onto a big black truck—all action movie characters wearing sunglasses and carrying rifles have big black trucks!—then reload it all again onto the two speed boats that are waiting to bring us to the Torngat Park Base Camp.

Soon the bear guard reaches for his radio and starts communicating with Base Camp to announce our arrival. The sun is hot, but the cold, crisp air of the North Atlantic Ocean…well, actually the Labrador Sea, means the zippers of our jackets are up to our necks!

The first impression I have of this incredible landscape is that its land, water, sky and clouds don’t seem to follow the same rules as they do on other parts of the planet. I have travelled all over Italy, France, Great Britain and South Africa as a photographer, and indeed have noticed the differences in light; but here, there is something magic. Fog, mist and clouds play with light and wind like I've never seen or felt before...But: it’s too early to reveal this part of my journey–keep reading and I’ll say more!