Episode 6: The Torngat Diaries

It is August 15, and like all diaries there are pages stamped with a date that made a difference. Today is that date.

It's hard to describe how, from this moment, my life feels like it is starting to slow down. No alarm that wakes you up, no mobile phone that rings, no power to plug in. Everything seems to flow from the light and times of the day. I’m still on my way to Base Camp, still in the speed boat, now floating across the fjord, sandwiched between two rocky shores, and it almost gives the illusion of passing through a door. The water under the zodiac runs fast, but strangely the mountains feel like they are moving right before my eyes, and in slow motion.

There is a lot of excitement on the boat, the cold ocean breeze is gone, blocked by the hills and mountains, allowing me to open my jacket and feel the welcome warmth of blazing sun. The zodiac starts to slow down, now sliding along the still and silent surface of the fjord. The reflection of the sky is incredible in the water—like a mirror, crystal clear—and the only thing I can think of is that here everything seems to begin, and this is where I lose all sense of time.