Episode 9: After taking time to hang with the Vikings in Newfoundland, we now return to our regular program—The Torngat Diaries!

When last we left David, our intrepid traveller, it was early morning on the day Team Outpost was setting out from Base Camp into the great big land that is Torngat Mountains National Park—the very heart of our expedition. David, OP team leader (and our avid chronicler!) can barely contain his excitement: a six-day guided trek into one of Canada’s newly protected areas and most pristine places.

Extending to the very tip of northern Labrador, Torngat Park blends the deep cultural roots of the Inuit of this region with incredible, untamed beauty and wildlife. The park comprises more than 9,500 sq. km and is an ancestral home of the Inuit, with the name itself originating from the Inuktitut word Torgait, which means “Place of Spirits.”

As David readies his pack and checks his equipment, little does he know just how magnificent the park is—far-reaching mountains, stunning fjords, cool tundra and the almighty polar bear—and how much it offers any intrepid traveller.