What A Sailor!

I’m almost overwhelmed—being able to participate in this extraordinary Torngat Mountain, Newfoundland and Labrador Adventure Overload expedition. To recap: Hiking on ancient trails with amazing Inuit guides, climbing steep paths to reach high peaks, reaching the deepest pockets of ore mines, kayaking in deep caves, flying across cliffs and over waterfall by zipline, driving ATVs in the rain (remnants of Hurricane Leslie) and through mud and bush. And of course, talking to a Viking couple in their home while the wife sews us capes to protect us before the big battle!

I also tried the best fish and chips I ever had, spent so much time on the ocean, on Zodiacs, on longliners, speedboats and tenders (small boats) that I now feel like a sailor, discovering fjords, inland coves, icebergs, shipwrecks, whales and seals. Come on guys—don’t I have the coolest job in the world?

Follow us at Outpost Magazine and OPxpeditions, and who knows—maybe next year you’ll be here retracing my footsteps, feeling what I’m feeling, while discovering Newfoundland and Labrador

In the meantime, over the coming days and weeks, be sure to stayed tuned to our Torngat Mountains Expedition webpage, as we bring you more photos and stories from our Torngat Mountains Expedition—Newfoundland and Labrador Adventure Overload!