Something In The Air

I never presented myself, so this time I would like to virtually shake your hand and present myself properly. I think this is the right way to get to know each other better. “Hi, I’m Sergio David Spadavecchia, but please call me Dave. I’m the Art Director at Outpost Magazine, I’m the guy on behind a screen cutting and pasting, fixing, italicizing, bolding, color profiling, pdf-ing your favourite magazine Outpost, obviously. I’ve travelled through Italy, France and South Africa, and I hope to have the chance to travel as much as I can. I’m here with the Outpost Team, Roberto and Cherine, on this expedition toward the Torngat Mountain.

Today is St. John’s turn. St. John is simply incredible, a vibe that never ends throughout the day and the night. The colours of the houses are rich and vibrant. You can see a fire red house next to a dark pink and violet one, and they go perfectly together. A yellow and orange house as well, right there, close to the others, making this little town unique, just like the people that walk and live here. The nightlife here is amazing, little characteristic pubs with live music are all over town. St. John’s is so pleasant to walk through that time almost seems to stop, and even thought we just arrived and know that we cannot stay long makes me want to see as much as I can. I will certainly come back!

For food lovers, our first meal here was simply delicious. If Gil Chesterson (the restaurant critic at KACL in the Frasier tv series) had a chance to try these extraordinary seafood dishes, well, he would’ve been blown away by the flavour and the authentic taste.

We also tried a pint of local beer and I have to say that it is good. Everything blended perfectly in a night that I will cherish for a long time. We will be here tomorrow to continue our walk through these little streets, stopping every second trying to capture all the details that we can. Hopefully we will give you that small push to come and visit this pearl in an amazing land.