Something ALWAYS Happens

If you guys are following us, maybe you just noticed that our rhythm on the map is slowing down. Well, we are running out of gas. All the adventures have something that slows you down, or makes you take a different path. This is what real life is all about. When you step out of your comfort zone and decide to take a different road, that is when life kicks in!

Now the strange thing is that we should be angry or worried...well, we are, but just a bit. We started to look at that blinking “20 km left” and slowly, that 20 became 15 and now a double dash “- -” scary, really scary. The car is out of gas. The first thing that pops in our minds is to go in search of a gas station. Our technology tells us that we aren’t so far, but better not risk it, it’s really late, so the best thing is to call for help.

The night is simply magic, a beautiful moon is in the sky, framed with thousands of stars. These moments are precious; never let them slip away without saving them in your memory. Suddenly, while Cherine and Roberto were trying to sleep, big trucks pass by roaring on the highway, giving me the possibility to play with the light and the darkness with my camera. After a while a big truck stops and a cowboy comes out. He already knows what's going on, this is his job. He heads straight to the tank and fills it up... (a nice video will follow). A little chat, and a couple of laughs. Roberto hits the gas and the roar of the truck comes out, and here we go.

After eating the driest sandwich ever and filling up the tank we decided to pull over and put up the tents for the night. This adventure just started and it looks like there is going to be a lot of stuff to tell—who knows, maybe someone will make a movie! Well, now it’s really late and I have to sleep. Tomorrow the adventure continues!