Torngat Diaries – Episode 18

Eli is leading, and I’m talking to Andrew. We just left behind a hard part of the hike, and the grass is back so we can relax a bit. But getting too comfortable isn’t the right way to go…the black bladed rocks are also back, and the path seems to be interrupted by a small river—there are so many in the Torngats, streaming from the mountains—rivulet, not too deep, but definitely not giving us any opportunity to cross it by hopping rock to rock. The sun is starting to set, descending from the sky, and getting wet or falling in the river at this hour of the day isn’t the best thing to do—but, we do have to cross.  

The riverbed has sharp and slippery rocks, but we decide to cross it, taking a chance on getting wet, instead of risking cutting our feet. The poles come in really handy now, keeping the balance of our bodies, even when the rocks are extremely slippery. All of us on the team have the poles and we rely on them, moving slowly and testing every point of the river, inch by inch; but Andrew just crosses it with no poles, walking as he always does, sizing up every single step, and near the crossing’s end proceeding much faster than we do with our poles!

This was our first river crossing—the water was cold, but as it turned out we had tons of fun getting wet that day. I miss that feeling…except of course the part where I dreaded my camera disappearing in the river!