Episode 13: The Torngat Diaries

When is the moment something average becomes something special? For me, something average becomes special when it gains unexpected meaning: it might not become more valuable, but for some reason you find yourself suddenly looking at it, and really seeing it, with wholly different eyes.

Have a close look at this spot on our inReach GPS locator—58.857976/-63.294318—because that’s where my Torngat adventure really began, the moment I decided something simple would become something unique, the spot where I looked down and saw this little stone—nothing special at all! For some reason it captures my imagination and I reach down to pick it up, turning it over, letting it slide around my fingers, this little stone from Torngat Mountains National Park in northern Labrador.

And that’s the moment when, on a cool sunny Thursday afternoon, I decide to transform a little stone into a personal souvenir. It was in my pocket from that moment on, for the rest of our Torngat trek, coming with me well into the park and along the cool tundra and hanging with me under the brilliant black sky. It travelled with me through my subsequent adventuring into Newfoundland, and came back with me when I had to go home.

Now when I look at that little rock it stirs memories of rolling landscapes, tough but character-driven people, silent nights with the Aurora Borealis dancing over my tent. I know no one would ever want to buy it, but the point is...would I ever sell it?