Watch That Branch!

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, while riding through a forest, look no further than Pirate’s Haven Chalets and Adventures, an ATV-friendly RV park and campground located in Robinsons, Newfoundland.

We had been driving for about two hours through southwest Newfoundland under torrential rains brought on by Hurricane Leslie, and were really looking forward to some fun in the woods. And boy, did Paul and Ruth Gale ever deliver! After an introduction and safety overview on ATV trailing, we hopped on their fleet of rugged ATVs and started riding along the beautiful Trans Canada Trail.

Now just to be clear, we know our ride was not a typical one—the rain had not let up so conditions were not ideal. The trails were very wet, and traction and visibility were diminished, but that didn’t stop us, nor did they pose any real danger (yes, we were careful).

We were guided through woods and dense bush along the trail, where I (Alex here!) soon learned that ducking under branches is an essential skill (my helmet got whacked time and again by the branches!).

We crossed creeks and bridges, climbed steep rutted tracks, splashed through what felt like thousands of puddles, and reached a beautiful lookout known as the Sea Stacks. When we got back we were offered a delicious meal by Ruth, and a comfortable chalet to rest and dry our soaked gear. Fantastic experience, just great people!