The Matsu Pilgrimage

The Taiwanese calendar is lit up with festivals and national celebrations, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you’ll get to witness Taiwan burst into life in a way that truly connects everyone visiting and living on the island.

opXpeditions Taiwan Overview

Ancient explorers knew Taiwan by the name Ilha Formosa—the beautiful island. Defined by its stunningly rugged mountains, its vast and verdant rolling plains, its endless coastal and cultural wonders, Taiwan is indeed a land that invigorates the senses, captivates imagination, challenges the body and beckons the traveller.

Taiwan Climate and Geographical Overview

Taiwan is a geographically small island in southeast Asia that sits just off the southeastern coast of mainland China at 23.5000° N and 121.0000° E—the Philippines sit directly to its south, and Japan to the north-east. 

Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

One of the coolest festivals this side of the planet has to be Taiwan’s annual hot air balloon festival.

Cycling Taiwan, Tip to Top

In the past decade people who love to cycle have started flocking to Taiwan as a travel destination—its hundreds of newly constructed cycling trails, pathways and coastal routes make it an ideal destination, but so does its scalable size top to tip: the island is just 394 km (245 miles) long and 144 km (90 miles) wide at its broadest point