opXpeditions Taiwan Overview

Join Team Outpost as we embark on opXpeditions Taiwan—follow as we set off to cycle, trek and explore this fantastic island paradise from the vibrant and ultramodern capital city of Taipei, to long and scenic ocean-side routes that wind around the famous Cingshuei Cliffs as we head toward Taroko National Park, Hualien, Taitung, Ruishui, Dulan and Kenting. Team Outpost Taiwan will show you, by foot and by pedal, just how enticing this legendary island can be.

Follow opXpeditions Taiwan as Team Outpost posts written daily dispatches, spectacular photography and video, for a perspective of Taiwan you won’t find anywhere else.

 Outpost Taiwan, Daniel Puiatti, Sophie Kohn, David Spadavecchia, Will Allen

Team Outpost, from left to right: Daniel Puiatti, Associate/Online Editor; Sophie Kohn, Writer; David Spadavecchia, Creative Director; Will Allen, Videographer.


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