Satori; Awakening

Jet lag coats my senses, layering everything with a surreal dream like quality. I wander towards the temple entrance, following the smell of burning incense and low rhythmic chanting. Then a familliar word snaps me to attention.


Our guide calls.

"You must enter the temple from the right, to keep yourself in harmony with Feng Shui."

Walking slowly through the temple is a humbling experience and everywhere people are locked deep in worship: children, parents, grandparents, all interwound in bouts of worship.

The temple slowly begins to pulse with a subtle, rhythmic chanting. The main hall begins to fill as people gather to worship the goddess of mercy Guan-Yin. Moments melt away, carried by the chanting that is slowly increasing in tempo. And then it hits me, the full realization that I have travelled around the world and am, without a doubt, somewhere absolutely different: Taiwan. And it's incredibe.

Text by Daniel Puiatti / Photo by David Spadavecchia