The Torngat Mountains Expedition

Big Mountains, fjords, polar bears and Outpost Magazine = Summer 2012 Adventure Overload in Torngat Mountains National Park.

The Flying Paddle Technique

After years of practice...

Dare to Travel Now

Suspend your fear

Torngat Diaries – Episode 18

Rivers are fun and cold!

Day 3 of Our Torngat Trek – Episode 17

Everything Changes in a Good Way.

Torngat Diaries – Episode 16

But the day beckons, the husky morning wakens; fog and clouds start to play together, slowly unveiling our path through the mountains.

Episode 13: The Torngat Diaries

A Stone With a Story..When does something become special?

Episode 12: The Torngat Diaries

And this is where our Torngat trekking starts

Episode 10: The Torngat Diaries: GPS Tracking!

GPS-locate spots and destinations along route to be in the adventure!

Episode 9: After taking time to hang with the Vikings in Newfoundland, we now return to our regular program—The Torngat Diaries!

The Outpost Torngat Mountains Expedition diaries are BACK... David is BACK... fasten your seatbelts, the best is yet to come!

What A Sailor!

Feeling like a sailor, discovering fjords, icebergs and shipwrecks

The Spirit of Newfoundland

Open your heart wide

Stairway to Heaven

At the risk of sounding redundant, I have to say it again: this place is beautiful!


What a Rush!

Sometimes, you have to push yourself to see what you’re made of 

Tin Cup on Post

Hospitality at its finest

Unforgettable Robinsons Point

I hope one day to return to this beautiful corner of Newfoundland

Watch That Branch!

To get the adrenaline pumping, look no further than Pirate’s Haven Park

It’s 100 km to the Nearest Gas Station

In a world moving so fast, it’s nice to know some places go at their own pace

Zippin' Down the Valley

An exhilarating experience for anyone!

Scouting for Whales by Zodiac in the Great Big Sea

We woke up bright and early this morning

Watch That Moose

What! How is that possible?! 

Episode 8: The Torngat Diaries: David Spadavecchia

Today we leave Base Camp and begin our trek out to the big land!

The Great Labrador Canoe Race

The Great Labrador Canoe Race is fast becoming a regional iconic affair on the...

Episode 7: The Torngat Diaries

Welcoming Visitors to Torngat Base Camp!

Episode 6: The Torngat Diaries

On the way to Base Camp

Episode 5: The Torngat Diaries

Unpacking, loading and speed-boating

Episode 4: The Torngat Diaries

Be aware and beware of bears!



Episode 3: The Torngat Diaries

A Smooth Ride Over Labrador!

Episode 2: The Torngat Diaries

Looking over heaven

Episode 1: The Torngat Diaries

It was a journey to understand the Big Land, it's the people and...

Exploring Southern Labrador

Team Outpost on a road of discovery through Labrador 

Staying Connected in the Torngats

With our InReach and Satphone in hand

Searching for Whales Beyond North America's Most Eastern Point

Outpost Magazine goes swimming with the whales!

For Italian Fans

Ok tutto in inglese e magari ci si sente un po’ fuori dal gruppo, ma non è così. Outpost coinvolge tutte le nazioni e tutte le persone con lo spirito libero che vogliono scoprire il mondo, la cultura ed i paesaggi che la meravigliosa Gaia* ha da offrirci.

Something In The Air

You can’t touch it, but it’s there...

Something ALWAYS Happens

When you step out of your comfort zone and decide to take a different road, that is when life kicks in!

Things You Never Knew About Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador glow with a beauty unmatched and unsurpassed. More than...

Argentia: Our Newfoundland Adventure Begins

Our big plans for The Rock start in Argentia.